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Dental Stem Cells: Current research and future applications

Issue:4 Publication date: December 2018Volume: 19 Pag: 257– 257

Psychological aspects in paediatric dentistry: parental presence

Issue:4 Publication date: Dec 2003Volume: 4 Pag: 177– 180

External Cervical Resorption: a case report

Issue:4 Publication date: December 2017Volume: 18 Pag: 296– 298

Paediatric endodontics. Part. 1: Portland Cements Apical Plug

Issue:3 Publication date: September 2020Volume: 21 Pag: 248– 250

Chemical and pharmacological shaping of necrotic primary teeth

Issue:3 Publication date: Sep 2002Volume: 3 Pag: 133– 140

State-of-the-art on MIH. Part. 2 MIH clinical management using ozone

Issue:2 Publication date: June 2020Volume: 21 Pag: 163– 166

Pit and fissure sealants: results at five and ten years

Issue:2 Publication date: Jun 2005Volume: 6 Pag: 61– 65

State-of-the-art on MIH. Part. 1 Definition and aepidemiology

Issue:1 Publication date: March 2020Volume: 21 Pag: 80– 82