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The process of mineralisation in the development of human tooth

Issue:4 Publication date: Dec 2016Volume: 17 Pag: 322– 326

The dental age in the child with coeliac disease

Issue:3 Publication date: Sep 2011Volume: 12 Pag: 184– 188

Gingival fibromatosis: a case report

Issue:3 Publication date: Sep 2015Volume: 16 Pag: 233– 235

Removal of fibrous epulis with Er,Cr:YSGG laser: case report

Issue:3 Publication date: September 2007Volume: 8 Pag: 149– 152

Pulp capping: advantages of using laser technology

Issue:2 Publication date: June 2007Volume: 8 Pag: 89– 95

Childhood obesity and skeletal-dental maturity

Issue:2 Publication date: Jun 2012Volume: 13 Pag: 128– 132

Humanisation and health needs in children: present or future?

Issue:2 Publication date: June 2024Volume: 25 Pag: 126– 131

Oral manifestations of eating disorders in adolescent patients. A review

Issue:2 Publication date: June 2021Volume: 22 Pag: 155– 158

Oral lesions in paediatric patients with graft-versushost disease

Issue:1 Publication date: Mar 2011Volume: 12 Pag: 50– 54