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Patients treated with orthodontic-myofunctional therapeutic protocol

Issue:3 Publication date: Sep 2012Volume: 13 Pag: 241– 243

Orthodontic treatment timing in growing patients

Issue:3 Publication date: Sep 2013Volume: 14 Pag: 231– 236

Validation of the Risk Of Malocclusion Assessment (ROMA) index

Issue:3 Publication date: September 2007Volume: 8 Pag: 136– 142

Case report of patients treated with an orthodontic and myofunctional protocol

Issue:2 suppl Publication date: Jul 2014Volume: 15 Pag: 184– 186

Orthodontic treatment need in the Italian child population

Issue:2 Publication date: June 2008Volume: 9 Pag: 71– 75