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Investigation of periodontal status in type 1 diabetic adolescents

Issue:4 Publication date: Dec 2015Volume: 16 Pag: 319– 323

The process of mineralisation in the development of human tooth

Issue:4 Publication date: Dec 2016Volume: 17 Pag: 322– 326

19th SIOI National Congress in Pisa

Issue:3 Publication date: September 2017Volume: 18 Pag: 173– 173

National Italian Guidelines for caries prevention in 0 to 12 years-old children

Issue:3 Publication date: September 2007Volume: 8 Pag: 153– 159

Familial and dietary risk factors in Early Childhood Caries

Issue:2 Publication date: Jun 2016Volume: 17 Pag: 93– 99

State-of-the-art on MIH. Part. 1 Definition and aepidemiology

Issue:1 Publication date: March 2020Volume: 21 Pag: 80– 82