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Dental Sealants Part 4: Bisphenol A: What dentists should know

Issue:4 Publication date: December 2018Volume: 19 Pag: 333– 334

Taste development and prenatal prevention

Issue:4 Publication date: December 2019Volume: 20 Pag: 257– 257

Dental fear in Italy: what is going on

Issue:4 Publication date: Dec 2016Volume: 17 Pag: 257– 257

Is CBCT a must for the dental office?

Issue:4 Publication date: December 2022Volume: 23 Pag: 257– 257

Paediatric dentistry and Covid-19: What’s next?

Issue:4 Publication date: December 2020Volume: 21 Pag: 257– 257

Get healthy from an early age to gain years (and quality) of life!

Issue:4 Publication date: December 2021Volume: 22 Pag: 257– 257

Staying true to our values

Issue:4 Publication date: December 2017Volume: 18 Pag: 257– 257

Aligners, can my child use them too?

Issue:4 Publication date: December 2023Volume: 24 Pag: 259– 259

EJPD Impact Factor 2020: An extraordinary success!

Issue:3 Publication date: September 2020Volume: 21 Pag: 172– 172

Molar Incisor Hypomineralization: paediatricians should be involved as well!

Issue:3 Publication date: September 2018Volume: 19 Pag: 173– 173

Oral prevention starts with the mother

Issue:3 Publication date: September 2019Volume: 20 Pag: 173– 173

Bibliometrics to improve our patients’ care!

Issue:3 Publication date: September 2022Volume: 23 Pag: 173– 173

Protecting children from the harmful impact of food marketing

Issue:3 Publication date: September 2023Volume: 24 Pag: 173– 173

Perinatal oral health: focus on the mother

Issue:3 Publication date: September 2019Volume: 20 Pag: 209– 213

Pit and fissure sealants or fluoride varnishes?

Issue:3 Publication date: Sep 2016Volume: 17 Pag: 173– 173

Maternal and Child Dentistry: A fascinating new perspective!

Issue:3 Publication date: September 2021Volume: 22 Pag: 173– 173

Editorial. Does breastfeeding increase risk of early childhood caries?

Issue:3 Publication date: Sep 2015Volume: 16 Pag: 173– 173

COVID-19 and Paediatric Dentistry after the lockdown

Issue:2 Publication date: June 2020Volume: 21 Pag: 89– 89

Stem cells, a resource for patients and dentists

Issue:2 Publication date: Jun 2016Volume: 17 Pag: 89– 89

Familial and dietary risk factors in Early Childhood Caries

Issue:2 Publication date: Jun 2016Volume: 17 Pag: 93– 99

The sweet danger of added sugars

Issue:2 Publication date: June 2019Volume: 20 Pag: 89– 89

Child abuse: Awareness is the first step to action

Issue:2 Publication date: June 2018Volume: 19 Pag: 89– 89

From native core micriobiome to milk-oriented microbiome

Issue:2 Publication date: June 2021Volume: 22 Pag: 89– 89

Myofunctional therapy Part 2: Prevention of dentofacial disorders

Issue:2 Publication date: June 2021Volume: 22 Pag: 163– 167

Fake academic writing: ethics during chatbot era

Issue:2 Publication date: June 2023Volume: 24 Pag: 88– 89

Interceptive orthodontics: awareness and prevention is the first cure

Issue:1 Publication date: February 2023Volume: 24 Pag: 5– 5

WHO: healthy diet to prevent chronic diseases and caries

Issue:1 Publication date: March 2018Volume: 19 Pag: 5– 5

Dental Sealants. Part 1: Prevention First

Issue:1 Publication date: March 2018Volume: 19 Pag: 80– 82

Caring for baby’s teeth starts before birth

Issue:1 Publication date: March 2017Volume: 18 Pag: 5– 5

Children’s rights and dental care treatment

Issue:1 Publication date: March 2024Volume: 25 Pag: 3– 3

Is dental caries a multifactorial disease? Likely not!

Issue:1 Publication date: Mar 2016Volume: 17 Pag: 5– 5

CChildren diagnosed with “ASD” are first of all … children

Issue:1 Publication date: March 2020Volume: 21 Pag: 8– 8