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DOP Dentistry: digitally embracing orthodontics and paediatric dentistry

Issue:4 Publication date: December 2022Volume: 23 Pag: 295– 297

Face Scan for Ceph 3D: a green way for diagnosis in children

Issue:3 Publication date: September 2022Volume: 23 Pag: 201– 203

New 3D printed polymers in orthodontics: a scoping review

Issue:3 Publication date: September 2023Volume: 24 Pag: 224– 228

State-of-the-art on MIH. Part. 2 MIH clinical management using ozone

Issue:2 Publication date: June 2020Volume: 21 Pag: 163– 166

The Two by Four appliance: a nationwide cross-sectional survey

Issue:2 Publication date: June 2018Volume: 19 Pag: 145– 150

Child/family-oriented approach: the teeth come after

Issue:2 Publication date: June 2023Volume: 24 Pag: 130– 132

Spa-Inspired Oral Care: A new approach in paediatric dentistry

Issue:2 Publication date: June 2022Volume: 23 Pag: 125– 127