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Ponticulus posticus: clinical and CBCT analysis in a young Italian population

Issue:3 Publication date: September 2019Volume: 20 Pag: 219– 223

Nitrous oxide and hypnotherapy in paediatric dentistry

Issue:3 Publication date: September 2023Volume: 24 Pag: 229– 237

Third Class Resolver: a retrospective analysis

Issue:3 Publication date: Sep 2014Volume: 15 Pag: 323– 325

Wear of dental sealing materials using the replication technique

Issue:2 Publication date: Jun 2011Volume: 12 Pag: 95– 98

Effects of anti-epileptic drugs on the oral health of paediatric patients

Issue:1 Publication date: February 2023Volume: 24 Pag: 45– 48

Second Class Resolver: a retrospective analysis

Issue:1 Publication date: Mar 2014Volume: 15 Pag: 72– 74