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L. Paglia
From native core micriobiome to milk-oriented microbiome
- Publication date /5/2021
S. B. Alzahrani*, A. A. Alrusayes**, Y. K. Alfraih***, M. S. Aldossary****
Characteristics of paediatric dental emergencies during the COVID-19 pandemic in Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia
- Publication date 30/2021
Marcos Roberto Tovani-Palone*, Erfan Shamsoddin**, Thomas Franchi***
Recommendations for safe paediatric dental practices during the COVID-19 pandemic: An update
- Publication date 30/2021
I. Diamanti1, E. D. Berdouses2, K. Kavvadia3, K. N. Arapostathis4, A. Polychronopoulou1, C. J. Oulis5
Oral hygiene and periodontal condition of 12- and 15-year-old Greek adolescents. Socio-behavioural risk indicators, self-rated oral health and changes in 10 years
- Publication date 30/2021
D. M. Escobar-García, J. Puente-Amaro, M. Á. Rosales-Berber, A. Pozos-Guillén, S. Ruiz-Rodríguez, A. Garrocho-Rangel
Biological effects of sodium fluoride varnishes used in remineralisation of enamel: An in vitro study
- Publication date 30/2021
C. Bucchi1, S. Arroyo-Bote2,3
Knowledge and attitudes of dentists regarding traumatic dental injuries
- Publication date 30/2021
S. Ravera, T. Castroflorio, F. Galati, G. Cugliari1, F. Garino2, A. Deregibus, V. Quinzi3
Short term dentoskeletal effects of mandibular advancement clear aligners in Class II growing patients. A prospective controlled study according to STROBE Guidelines
- Publication date 30/2021
L. Levrini, A. Carganico, L. Abbate
Maxillary expansion with clear aligners in the mixed dentition: A preliminary study with Invisalign® First system
- Publication date 30/2021
L. Nucci1, P. M. Marra1, L. Femiano1, G. Isola2, C. Flores-Mir3, L. Perillo1, V. Grassia1
Perioral muscle activity changes after Lip Bumper treatment
- Publication date 30/2021
P. L. Altea
Rok Kosem introduces the SSPD
- Publication date 30/2021
T. Lin, L. Yang, W. Zheng, B. Zhang
Matrix metalloproteinases and Th17 cytokines in the gingival crevicular fluid during orthodontic tooth movement
- Publication date 30/2021
P. L. Altea
Interview with the Expert: Nicoletta Zerman
- Publication date 30/2021
M. Gelb1, J. Montrose2, L. Paglia3, S. Saccomanno4, V. Quinzi4, G. Marzo4
Myofunctional therapy Part 2: Prevention of dentofacial disorders
- Publication date 30/2021
S. Decani1, G. Lodi1,2, A. Sardella1,2, E.M. Varoni1,2
Localised juvenile spongiotic gingival hyperplasia: A case of spontaneous resolution and a literature review
- Publication date 30/2021
M. Monda*, M. Costacurta, L. Maffei*, R. Docimo
Oral manifestations of eating disorders in adolescent patients. A review
- Publication date 30/2021
M. Beretta1, F. Federici Canova2, A. Gianolio3, A. Mangano4, M. Paglia5, S. Colombo6, N. Cirulli7
ZeroExpander: Metal-free automatic palatal expansion for special-needs patients
- Publication date 30/2021
E.-J. Ahn, S.-J. Kim, S.-H. Kim, K.-H. Park, W.-W. Jang, Y.-G. Kang
Nickel, chromium and methyl methacrylate monomer release from orthopaedic functional appliances
- Publication date 30/2021
A. De Stefani, G. Bruno, S. Visentin, P. Lucchi, A. Gracco
Rapid maxillary expansion for interceptive orthodontic treatment of palatally displaced canine: A systematic review
- Publication date 30/2021
B. Gümrü1, M. Guldali1, B. Tarcin2, E. Idman1, M. Sertac Peker3
Evaluation of cone beam computed tomography referral profile: Retrospective study in a Turkish paediatric subpopulation
- Publication date 17/2021
A. Frezza1, A. De Stefani2, U. Baciliero3, M. Rosa4, P. Lucchi5, G. Bruno2, A. Gracco6
Evaluation of tooth size in non-syndromic cleft lip and palate patients: A retrospective Italian study
- Publication date 17/2021

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