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J. Alqutami, W. Elger, N. Grafe*, A. Hiemisch*-**, W. Kiess*-**, C. Hirsch
Dental health, halitosis and mouth breathing in 10-to-15 year old children: A potential connection
- Publication date /1/2019
F. D’Apuzzo, V. Grassia, V. Quinzi*, M. Vitale, G. Marzo*, L. Perillo
Paediatric Orthodontics Part 4: SEC III protocol in Class III malocclusion
- Publication date /1/2019
P. L. Altea
Interview to the President of the Cambodian Association of Pediatric Dentistry
- Publication date /1/2019
S. Colombo1, S. Gallus2, M. Beretta3, A. Lugo2, S. Scaglioni4, P. Colombo5, M. Paglia1, R. Gatto6, G. Marzo7, S. Caruso8, L. Paglia1
Prevalence and determinants of early childhood caries in Italy
- Publication date /1/2019
C. Maspero1, G. Begnoni2, A. Magnani3, M. Farronato3, N. Khomchyna4, C. Dellavia5
Rapid Maxillary Expander and Eruption Guidance Appliance therapy in skeletal Class II: cephalometric considerations
- Publication date /1/2019
F. A. AlQhtani*, S. C. Pani**
Parental anxiety associated with children undergoing dental treatment
- Publication date /1/2019
G. Rajbanshi1,2,3*, Y. Liang1,3*, X. Nong2,3, R. Qiu1,3, H. Shen4, A. Chen1,3
Practitioners’ knowledge and acceptance of paediatric dental procedures under general anaesthesia
- Publication date /1/2019
S. Paduano, F.P. Paduano*, D. Aiello, L. Barbara, S. Zampogna**, R. Pujia, C. Malara, T. Cantile***, G.F. Ferrazzano***-****
OSAS in developing age: Screening of a Southern Italy population
- Publication date /1/2019
D. Lauritano, S. Attuati, M. Besana, G. Rodilosso, V. Quinzi*, G. Marzo*, F. Carinci**
Oral and craniofacial manifestations of Ellis-Van Creveld syndrome: a systematic review
- Publication date /1/2019
M. Farronato, A. Fama, V. Lanteri, F. Nucci, G. Farronato, C. Maspero
Lymphangioma of the tongue associated with open bite: case report
- Publication date /1/2019
G. Dugashvili*-**, T. Kotchlashvili**, G. Menabde**, M. Janelidze**, L. Marks*
Use of the universal pain assessment tool for evaluating pain associated with temporomandibular disorders in youngsters
- Publication date /1/2019
C. El Hachem, M.K. Kaloustian, F. Cerutti, N.R. Chedid
Metallic syringe versus electronically assisted injection system: a comparative clinical study in children
- Publication date /1/2019
G. Lombardo, S. Pagano, S. Cianetti, B. Capobianco, M. Orso***, P. Negri, M. Paglia*, S. Friuli*, L. Paglia*, R. Gatto**, M. Severino**
Sub-ablative laser irradiation to prevent acid demineralisation of dental enamel. A systematic review of literature reporting in vitro studies
- Publication date /1/2019
P. L. Altea
Interview with the expert Ronald A. Curran
- Publication date /1/2019
B. M. Ozgul, D. Sakaryali, G. B. Senirkentli, R. E. Tirali, S. B. Cehreli*
Do really parents brush their children’s teeth better?
- Publication date /1/2019
L. Paglia
Taste development and prenatal prevention
- Publication date 28/2019
G. Kim, J. Lee, S. Nam
Eruption guidance of horizontally angulated, distally displaced mandibular second premolars: Three case reports
- Publication date /1/2019
L. Marqués Martínez, A. M. Leyda Menéndez, M. Ribelles Llop, C. Segarra Ortells, R. Aiuto*, D. Garcovich**
Dental erosion. Etiologic factors in a sample of Valencian children and adolescents. Cross-sectional study
- Publication date /1/2019
T. Reic*, T. Galic**, K. Milatic*, D. Negovetic Vranic***
Influence of nutritional and oral hygiene habits on oral health in Croatian island children of school age
- Publication date /1/2019
G.M. Goldenfum, N.C. Silva, I.A. Almeida, M.S. Moura, B.B. Silva, J.J. Jardim, J.A. Rodrigues
Risk indicators of caries lesion activity in children
- Publication date /1/2019

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