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Pierluigi Altea
Fina Lopez introduces the ppdsi
- Publication date /1/2018
S. Colombo*, M. Beretta**, G.F. Ferrazzano***, L. Paglia****
Dental Sealants Part 4: Bisphenol A: What dentists should know
- Publication date /1/2018
Vincenzo Campanella
Dental Stem Cells: Current research and future applications
- Publication date /1/2018
M. Petrini*, M. Costacurta**, V. Biferi*, D. Benavoli**, R. Docimo**, G. Spoto*
Correlation between halitosis, oral health status and salivary β-galactosidases and time spent in physical activities in children
- Publication date /1/2018
A. Mika*, M. Mitus-Kenig**, A. Zeglen*, D. Drapella-Gasior****, K. Rutkowska*****, J. Josko-Ochojska***
The child’s first dental visit. Age, reasons, oral health status and dental treatment needs among children in Southern Poland
- Publication date /1/2018
M. Alyasi*, M. Al Halabi**, I. Hussein**, A.H. Khamis***, M. Kowash**
Dentists’ knowledge of the guidelines of traumatic dental injuries in the United Arab Emirates
- Publication date /1/2018
H. Nikolic*, N. Ivancic Jokic**, D. Bakarcic**, S. Hrvatin**, N. Jakljevic***
Knowledge about emergency procedure in case of dental trauma among paediatricians in Croatia
- Publication date /1/2018
C. Cerruto*, P. Cozzani**, M. Cozzani***
Compliance-free and non invasive treatment of an anterior open bite in a 11-year-old girl
- Publication date /1/2018
C. Maspero, G. Galbiati, L. Giannini, G. Guenza, M. Farronato
Class II division 1 malocclusions: comparisons between one- and two-step treatment
- Publication date /1/2018
D. Garcovich*, R. Aiuto**, E. Lozano Serrano***, D. Re****
Uncovering and autonomous eruption of palatally impacted canines
- Publication date /1/2018
V. Campanella*, V. Di Taranto*, A. Libonati**, G. Marzo***, R. Nardi*, V. Angotti*, G. Gallusi*
Indirect adhesive rehabilitation by cementation under pressure of a case of Dentinogenesis Imperfecta type II: follow-up after 13 years
- Publication date /1/2018
D. Celli*, A. Manente**, C. Grippaudo***, M. Cordaro****
Interceptive treatment in ectodermal dysplasia using an innovative orthodontic/prosthetic modular appliance. A case report with 10- year follow-up
- Publication date /1/2018
G.F. Ferrazzano*, M. Coda*, A. Romano**, G. Dell’Aversana Orabona**, L. Califano**, A. Ingenito*, T. Cantile*
Paediatric oral surgery: endoscopic approach in ameloblastic fibroma management. A preliminary report
- Publication date /1/2018
V. Romani*, R. Di Giorgio**, M. Castellano***, E. Barbato****, G. Galluccio*****
Prevalence of craniomandibular disorders in orthodontic pediatric population and possible interactions with anxiety and stress
- Publication date /1/2018
A. Libonati*, R. Nardi**, G. Gallusi**, V. Angotti**, S. Caruso***, F. Coniglione*, G. Marzo***, A. Mattei***, S. Tecco****, L. Paglia*****, V. Campanella**
Pain and anxiety associated with Computer-Controlled Local Anaesthesia: systematic review and meta-analysis of cross-over studies
- Publication date /1/2018
E. Ortu*, D. Pietropaoli*, E. Marchetti*, N. Marchili*, G. Marzo**, A. Monaco***
Bruxism in children: Use of the Functional Plane of Monaco (FPM)
- Publication date /1/2018
J.A. Garrocho-Rangel*, M. Herrera-Moncada*, R. Márquez-Preciado*, F. Tejeda-Nava*, J. J. Ortiz-Zamudio**, A. Pozos-Guillén*
Oral mucositis in paediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients receiving methotrexate-based chemotherapy: case series
- Publication date 27/2018
S. Paduano*, R. Rongo**, R. Bucci**, D. Aiello*, G. Carvelli*, A. Ingenito***, T. Cantile***, G.F. Ferrazzano***
Is there an association between various aspects of oral health in Southern Italy children? An epidemiological study assessing dental decays, periodontal status, malocclusions and temporomandibular joint function
- Publication date 27/2018
D. Ceyhan*, C. Akdik**, Z. Kirzioglu***
An educational programme designed for the evaluation of effectiveness of two tooth brushing techniques in preschool children
- Publication date 27/2018
E. Spinas*, L. Giannetti**, A. Mameli*, D. Re***
Dental injuries in young athletes, a five-year follow-up study
- Publication date 27/2018

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