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G. Vallogini*, V. Nobili**, R. Rongo***, S. De Rosa*, F. Magliarditi*, V. D’Antò***, A. Galeotti*
Evaluation of the relationship between obesity, dental caries and periodontal disease in adolescents
- Publication date 19/2017
G. Olivi*, C. Caprioglio**, M. Olivi***, M.D. Genovese***
Paediatric laser dentistry. Part 4: Soft tissue laser applications
- Publication date 19/2017
l. Paglia
Staying true to our values
- Publication date 19/2017
G. Marzo
A tribute to the memory of professor Giuliano Falcolini
- Publication date 19/2017
G.F. Ferrazzano, A. Ingenito, B. Alcidi, G. Sangianantoni, M.G. Schiavone, T. Cantile
In vitro performance of ultrasound enamel preparation compared with classical bur preparation on pit and fissure sealing
- Publication date 19/2017
A. Agrafioti, D.G. Giannakoulas*, C.G. Filippatos, E.G. Kontakiotis
Analysis of clinical studies related to apexification techniques
- Publication date 19/2017
N. Raslan*, O. Mansour**, L. Assfoura*
Evaluation of antibiotic mix in Non-instrumentation Endodontic Treatment of necrotic primary molars
- Publication date 19/2017
E. Ferrés-Amat*, T. Pastor-Vera**, P. Rodriguez-Alessi***, E. Ferrés-Amat****, J. Mareque-Bueno*****, E. Ferrés-Padró******
The prevalence of ankyloglossia in 302 newborns with breastfeeding problems and sucking difficulties in Barcelona: a descriptive study
- Publication date 19/2017
Pierluigi Altea
Rodica Luca introduces the ANSPR
- Publication date 19/2017
S. Hiu Fong Lai, M. Kok Wun Wong, Hai Ming Wong, C. Kar Yung Yiu
Parental Oral Health Literacy of children with severe early childhood caries in Hong Kong
- Publication date 19/2017
G. Fabiani*, J. Galván Galván**, G. Raucci*, M. Elyasi**, C. Pachêco-Pereira***, C. Flores-Mir****, L. Perillo*****
Pharyngeal airway changes in pre-pubertal children with Class II malocclusion after Fränkel-2 treatment
- Publication date 19/2017
J. Guidry*, S. Bagher**, O. Felemban**, A. Rich***, C. Loo****
Reasons of repeat dental treatment under general anaesthesia: A retrospective study
- Publication date 19/2017
L. Paglia*, S. Gallus**, S. de Giorgio*, S. Cianetti***, E. Lupatelli***, G. Lombardo***, A. Montedori****, P. Eusebi****, R. Gatto*****, S. Caruso*****
Reliability and validity of the Italian versions of the Children’s Fear Survey Schedule - Dental Subscale and the Modified Child Dental Anxiety Scale
- Publication date 19/2017
A. Lo Giudice*, R. Fastuca**, M. Portelli*, A. Militi*, M. Bellocchio*, P. Spinuzza*, F. Briguglio*, A. Caprioglio**, R. Nucera*
Effects of rapid vs slow maxillary expansion on nasal cavity dimensions in growing subjects: a methodological and reproducibility study
- Publication date 19/2017
A. Libonati*, D. Montella E. Montemurro, V. Campanella
External Cervical Resorption: a case report
- Publication date 19/2017
C. Goracci*, G. Cacciatore**
Early treatment of a severe Class II malocclusion with the Forsus fatigue resistant device
- Publication date 30/2017
W. Dangulavanich*, P. Limsomwong**, K. Mitrakul***, Y. Asvanund****, M. Arunakul*****
Factors associated with cooperative levels of Autism Spectrum Disorder children during dental treatments
- Publication date 30/2017
P. Altea
Marietjie Weakley introduces the PSSA
- Publication date 30/2017
K. R. Stenhagen, I. Berntsen, M, Ødegaard, A. Mulic, A. B. Tveit
Has the prevalence and severity of dental erosion in Norway changed during the last 30 years?
- Publication date 30/2017
J. Farto*, C. Canalda Sahli**, J. R. Boj***
Microleakage of MTA in primary molar pulpotomies
- Publication date 30/2017

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