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M. Callea*, I. Yavuz***, G. Clarich**, A. Gunay***, A. Vinciguerra**, M. Unal****, C. Sahbaz*****, M. Sinan Dogan***, F. Cammarata-Scalisi******
A case of Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome with peculiar dental findings
- Publication date /1/2016
Pierluigi Altea
Danko Bakari introduces the HDDPS
- Publication date /1/2016
F. Salama*, I. Abobakr**, N. Al-Khodair***, M. Al-Wakeel****
Evaluation of tablet PC as a tool for teaching tooth brushing to children
- Publication date /1/2016
A. Sarra*, N.G. Nikitakis** A. Daskalopoulos**, Giorgos Chouliaras*, A. Sklavounou-Andrikopoulou**, K. Athanasaki*
Orofacial granulomatosis as early manifestation of Crohn's disease: report of a case in a paediatric patient
- Publication date /1/2016
R. Rodriguez Y Baena*, M.S. Lupi*, G. Ceriana***, M.F. Sfondrini**, A. Scribante**
Extrusion of severely impacted mandibular first molar using partial orthodontics and temporary anchorage miniscrews
- Publication date /1/2016
R. Ferro*, A. Besostri*, A. Olivieri**, V. Quinzi***, D. Scibetta****
Prevalence of cross-bite in a sample of Italian preschoolers
- Publication date /1/2016
G.M. Lopes Freire*, J.E. Espasa Suarez de Deza*, I.C. Rodrigues da Silva**, L. Butini Oliveira***, J.M. Ustrell Torrent****, J.R. Boj Quesada*
Non-nutritive sucking habits and their effects on the occlusion in the deciduous dentition in children
- Publication date /1/2016
L. Alyahya
Parental knowledge and practices regarding their children´s oral health in Kuwait
- Publication date /1/2016
S. Caruso*, S. Bernardi*, M. Pasini**, M.R. Giuca**, R. Docimo***, M.A. Continenza*, R. Gatto*
The process of mineralisation in the development of human tooth
- Publication date /1/2016
D. Tripodi*, D. Martinelli*, M. Pasini***, M.R. Giuca***, S. D’Ercole**
Black Stains: a microbiological analysis and a view on familiarity and susceptibility to tooth decay of patients in childhood
- Publication date /1/2016
K.M. Stallaert, M.J. Sigal, K.C. Titley, P.B. Andrews
A retrospective study of root canal therapy in non-vital primary molars
- Publication date /1/2016
C. Mantegazza* M. Paglia*** F. Angiero* R. Crippa**
Oral manifestations of gastrointestinal diseases in children. Part 4: Coeliac disease
- Publication date /1/2016
E. Esenlik*, E. Uzer Çelik**, E. Bolat***
Efficacy of a casein phosphopeptide amorphous calcium phosphate (CPP-ACP) paste in preventing white spot lesions in patients with fixed orthodontic appliances: A prospective clinical trial
- Publication date /1/2016
L. Cianconi*, P. Palopoli*, V. Campanella*, M. Mancini**
Composition and microstructure of MTA and Aureoseal Plus: XRF, EDS, XRD and FESEM evaluation
- Publication date /1/2016
M. Rosa*, P. Lucchi****, G. Manti**, A. Caprioglio***
Rapid Palatal Expansion in the absence of posterior cross-bite to intercept maxillary incisor crowding in the mixed dentition: a CBCT evaluation of spontaneous changes of untouched permanent molars
- Publication date /1/2016
Luigi Paglia
Dental fear in Italy: what is going on
- Publication date 14/2016
F. Femiano*, R. Femiano*, L. Femiano*, A. Jamilian**, R. Rullo*, L. Perillo*
Dentin caries progression and the role of metalloproteinases: an update
- Publication date /1/2016
R. Crippa *, M. Paglia**, F. Ferrante***, A. Ottonello***, F. Angiero***
Tongue-tie assessment: clinical aspects and a new diode laser technique for its management
- Publication date /1/2016
S. Zingler*, M. Pritsch**, C.J. Lux***, S.Kneist****
Association between clinical and salivary microbial parameters during orthodontic treatment with removable appliances with or without use of fluoride mouth rinse
- Publication date /1/2016
M. ElSalhy*-**, E. Söderling**, E. Honkala*, M. Fontana***, S. Flannagan***, A. Kokaras****, B.J. Paster****-*****, A. Varghese*, S. Honkala*
Salivary microbiota and caries occurrence in Mutans Streptococci-positive school children
- Publication date /1/2016

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