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K. Olczak, H. Pawlicka
Mineral trioxide aggregate in treatment of permanent teeth with open apex and endo-perio lesions. A case report
- Publication date /1/2015
Silvano Gallus
Second-hand smoke in Italy
- Publication date /1/2015
C. Bertoldi*, A. Lucchi**, D. Zaffe***
Effects of soft-drinks and remineralising treatment on teeth assessed by morphological and quantitative X-ray investigations
- Publication date /1/2015
M. Eichenberger, J. Erb, M. Zwahlen*, M. Schätzle
The timing of extraction of non-restorable first permanent molars: a systematic review
- Publication date /1/2015
J. Jofré, A. Werner
Use of mini implants to replace a missing tooth in a growing patient: a six-year follow up case report
- Publication date /1/2015
D. Re, F. Cerutti, G. Augusti, D. Augusti
Post-traumatic rehabilitation of anterior teeth with laminates composite veneers in children. Report of two cases
- Publication date /1/2015
F. Salama*, H. Balto**, F. Al-Yahya***, S. Al-Mofareh***
The effect of cavity disinfectants on microleakage of composite restorations in primary teeth
- Publication date /1/2015
L. Burgueńo Torres*, M.R. Mourelle Martínez**, J. M. de Nova García***
A study on the chronology and sequence of eruption of primary teeth in Spanish children
- Publication date /1/2015
V. Lehtonen*, V. Anttonen*,**, L. P. Ylikontiola**,***, S. Koskinen**, P. Pesonen*, G. K. Sándor**,***
Dental anomalies associated with cleft lip and palate in Northern Finland
- Publication date /1/2015
E. Spinas*, M.Aresu**, F. Canargiu**, L. Giannetti***
Preventive treatment of post-traumatic dental infraocclusion: study on the knowledge of dental decoronation in a sample of Italian dental students and dentists
- Publication date /1/2015
Pierluigi Altea
Robin Mills introduces the BSPD
- Publication date /1/2015
A.I. Orhan*, K. Orhan**, B.M. Ozgul***, F.T. Öz****
Analysis of pulp chamber of primary maxillary second molars using 3D micro-CT system: an in vitro study
- Publication date /1/2015
G. Tadini*,**, F. Besagni***, M. Callea****, M. Brena*, L.C. Rossi*, F. Angiero*****, R. Crippa******
Allgrove syndrome: a report of a unique case characterised by peculiar dental findings resembling those of ectodermal dysplasia
- Publication date /1/2015
M.R. Giuca*, M. Pasini*, G. Giuca*, S. Caruso**, S. Necozione**, R. Gatto**
Investigation of periodontal status in type 1 diabetic adolescents
- Publication date /1/2015
L.C. Chuang, C.L. Hsu, S.Y. Lin
A fixed denture for a child with epidermolysis bullosa simplex
- Publication date /1/2015
M. Biria*, B. Nazemi**, F. Akbari*, A. Rahmati*
Freeman-Sheldon syndrome: a case report
- Publication date /1/2015
K. Wada, M. Miyashin
New techniques for producing aesthetic, direct full-crown composite resin restorations for primary molars: a 24-month follow-up study of eight cases
- Publication date /1/2015
E. Caglar, N. Sandalli, B. Kirant*, O.O. Kuscu
Evaluation of words in child-paediatric dentist communication
- Publication date /1/2015
C. Ercoli, M. Bartolino, L. Montesani, R. Docimo*
Gingival fibromatosis: a case report
- Publication date /1/2015
R. Rullo*, V.M. Festa**, F. Rullo***, F. Addabbo****, P. Chiodini*****, M. Vitale******, L. Perillo*******
Prevalence of dental anomalies in children with cleft lip and unilateral and bilateral cleft lip and palate
- Publication date /1/2015

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