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G. Laganą, F. Fabi*, Y. Abazi**, E. Beshiri Nastasi**, F. Vinjolli**, P. Cozza
Oral habits in a population of Albanian growing subjects
- Publication date /1/2013
A.M.A. Leal, K.G. Serra, R.C.S. Queiroz, M.A.R. Araśjo, E.M. Maia Filho
Fear and/or anxiety of children and parents associated with the dental environment
- Publication date /1/2013
D. Burlini*, G. Conti**, E. Bardellini***, F. Amadori***
Rare case of desmoid-type fibromatosis of the mandibular region in a child: diagnosis and surgical management
- Publication date /1/2013
G. Cossellu*, R. Seramondi*, S. Benedicenti**, G. Farronato***, G. Olivi****, F. Angiero**
Tooth developmental anomalies in severe combined immunodeficiency disease and juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia: common clinical features and treatment outcomes
- Publication date /1/2013
G.F. Ferrazzano*, G. Sangianantoni*, T. Cantile*, R. Iorio**, A. Ingenito*
Oral health status in liver transplant Italian children
- Publication date /1/2013
C. Grippaudo*, F. Pantanali*, E.G. Paolantonio*, M.E. Grecolini*, R. Saulle**, G. La Torre**, R. Deli*
Prevalence in Italian schoolchildren and orthodontic treatment need
- Publication date /1/2013
C. Thabuis*, C.Y. Cheng**, X. Wang**, M. Pochat*, A. Han***, L. Miller****, D. Wils*, L. Guerin-Deremaux*
Effects of maltitol and xylitol chewing-gums on parameters involved in dental caries development
- Publication date /1/2013
V. Urzal*, A.C. Braga**, A.P. Ferreira
Oral habits as risk factors for anterior open bite in the deciduous and mixed dentition – cross-sectional study
- Publication date /1/2013
J.B. Krikken*, A.J. van Wijk**, J.M. ten Cate***, J.S.J. Veerkamp*
Child dental anxiety, parental rearing style and dental history reported by parents
- Publication date /1/2013
E. Stellini*, M. De Francesco**, M. Avventi**, A. Gracco*, M. Berengo*, F. Simionato*, S. Mazzoleni**
In vitro comparison of the bond strength to the enamel of conventional and self-etching dental fissure sealants
- Publication date /1/2013
G. Falcolini
End of SIOI presidential mandate
- Publication date /1/2013
A. Di Blasio, D. Cassi, C. Di Blasio*, M. Gandolfini
Temporomandibular joint dysfunction in Moebius Syndrome
- Publication date /1/2013
K. Aoyagi-Naka, A. Koda, T. Kawakami, H. Karibe
Factors affecting psychological stress in children who cooperate with dental treatment: a pilot study
- Publication date /1/2013
S.S. Rodrigues Gomes*, A.C. Barreto Bezerra***, A.C. Maia Prado**
Salivary biomarkers, vital signs and behaviour of pre-school children during their first dental visit
- Publication date /1/2013
M.C. Dogan*, I. Yazicioglu*, B. Antmen**
Anxiety and pain during dental treatment among children with haemophilia
- Publication date /1/2013
O. Mustafa*, S. Parekh**, P. Ashley, P. Anand
Post-operative pain and anxiety related to dental procedures in children
- Publication date /1/2013
S. Ujaoney1,2,3, M. Mamtani2,6, T. Thakre2,4, J. Tote1, V. Hazarey1, P. Hazarey5, H. Kulkarni2,6
Efficacy trial of Camouflage Syringe to reduce dental fear and anxiety
- Publication date /1/2013
A. Avsar, B. Topaloglu, E. Hazar-Bodrumlu
Association of passive smoking with dental development in young children
- Publication date /1/2013
C.E. Yen*, S.W. Hu**
Association between dental caries and obesity in preschool children
- Publication date /1/2013
T. C. Lopes Coutinho, M. Almeida Tostes
Comparison of microleakage of different margin types around Class V resin restorations in primary teeth
- Publication date /1/2013

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