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E. Bardellini, F. Amadori*, P. Flocchini, G. Conti**, G. Piana*, A. Majorana
Oral findings in 50 children with neurofibromatosis type 1. A case control study
- Publication date 31/2011
G. Falcolini
- Publication date 31/2011
R. El Osta Chaiban*, W. Chaiban**
Ectodermal dysplasia: Dental management and benefits, a case report
- Publication date 31/2011
D.P. Tacchelli*, P.C. Moraes*, R.G. Texeira*, R.P. Pimenta*, M.Bönecker**
Unusual oral leiomyoma in a child: case report
- Publication date 31/2011
M. F. Mathias1, R. G. Lobo-Piller2, M.S.N.P. Corrêa
Treatment of supernumerary teeth
- Publication date 31/2011
A. Monaco*, A. Spadaro*, F. Sgolastra**, A. Petrucci*, P.D. D’Andrea***, R. Gatto**
Prevalence of hyperopia and strabismus in a paediatric population with malocclusions
- Publication date 31/2011
L. Perillo1, M. I. Castaldo2, R. Cannavale2, A. Longobardi3-5, V. Grassia3, R. Rullo4, P. Chiodini5
Evaluation of long-term effects in patients treated with Fränkel-2 appliance
- Publication date 31/2011
B. Kargul*, I. Yavuz**, M.Z. Akdag***, A. Durhan*
Effect of extremely low frequency magnetic field on enamel microhardness in rats
- Publication date 31/2011
K. Kiran1, T. Swati2, B. K. Kamala3, D. Jaiswal2
Prevalence of systemic and local disturbances in infants during primary teeth eruption: a clinical study
- Publication date 31/2011
C. Arcuri*, I. Zito**, F. Santini*, F. Muzzi*, V. Panetta***, R. Squitti**
Understanding the implications of the PAX9 Gene in tooth development
- Publication date 31/2011
F. Guinot Jimeno, S. Yuste Bielsa,C. Cuadros Fernández, A. I. Lorente Rodríguez, M. Mercadé Bellido
Objective and subjective measures for assessing anxiety in paediatric dental patients
- Publication date 31/2011
V. Birardi, F. Pasini*
Study about the effects of dental noises on the emotional experiences of children aged 6 to 10 years. A pilot study
- Publication date 31/2011
A. Vania***, V. Parisella**, F. Capasso**, G.L. Di Tanna****, A. Vestri****, M. Ferrari*****, A. Polimeni*-**
Early Childhood Caries underweight or overweight, that is the question
- Publication date 31/2011
A. Tsami, P. Petropoulou, Y. Kafritsa*, Y. A. Mentis**, E. Roma-Giannikou*
The presence of Helicobacter Pylori in dental plaque of children and their parents: is it related to their periodontal status and oral hygiene?
- Publication date 31/2011
G.L. Durán-Contreras1, Hilda H.H. Torre-Martínez1, E.I. de la Rosa2, R.M. Hernández3, M. de la Garza Ramos4
spaP gene of Streptococcus mutans in dental plaque and its relationship with Early Childhood Caries
- Publication date 31/2011
M. Bankel1, A. Robertson3-4, B. Köhler2-5
Carious lesions and caries risk predictors in a group of Swedish children 2 to 3 years of age. One year observation
- Publication date 31/2011
C. Cardoso-Silva1, E. Barbería2, J. A. Ramos Atance3, M. Maroto4, A. Hernández5, F. García-Godoy6
Microbiological analysis of gingivitis in pediatric patients under orthodontic treatment
- Publication date 31/2011
A. Caprioglio, L. Levrini, L. Nosetti*, J. Berini*, A. Macchi, A. Tagliabue, L. Tettamanti
Prevalence of malocclusion in preschool and primary school children with habitual snoring and Sleep-Disordered Breathing
- Publication date 31/2011
R. Condò, M. Costacurta, P. Maturo, R. Docimo
The dental age in the child with coeliac disease
- Publication date /1/2011
A. Lumbau, L. Schinocca, G. Chessa
Influence of posture on swallowing
- Publication date /1/2011

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