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n.b. Nagaveni*, Sreedevi**, B.S. Praveen***, B. Praveen Reddy****, B.G. Vidyullatha*****, k.v. Umashankara******
Survey of mesiodens and its characteristics in 2500 children of Davangere city, India
- Publication date /1/2010
g.f. ferrazzano*, s. orlando*, a. ingenito*, m. tia** , g. sammartino**
Tooth replantation as an alternative to dental implantology in adolescent patients
- Publication date /1/2010
P.L. Capp*, M.E.J. de Faria*, S.R.D.T. Siqueira**, M.T.P. Cillo***, E.G.B. Prado****, J.T.T. de Siqueira*****
Special care dentistry: Midazolam conscious sedation for patients with neurological diseases
- Publication date /1/2010
E. Toledo Pitanga Fernandes, A. M. Duarte Vargas, A. C. Oliveira, M. A. Camargo da Rosa, S. Dutra Lucas, E. Ferreira e Ferreira
Factors related to dental caries in adolescents in southeastern Brazil
- Publication date /1/2010
G. Litsas, A. Ari-Demirkaya
Growth indicators in orthodontic patients.Part 2: Comparison of cervical bone age to hand-wrist skeletal age. Relationship with chronological age
- Publication date /1/2010
A.P. Cazzolla, V. Lacarbonara, B. Pellegrino, N.F. Testa, F. Fidanza*, M.G. Lacaita
Sleep-Disordered Breathing in a sample of 495 children in Southern Italy
- Publication date /1/2010
F. Eslamipour, A. Borzabadi-Farahani*, I. Asgari
The relationship between aging and oral health inequalities assessed by the DMFT index
- Publication date /1/2010
A. Silvestrini Biavati*, L. Gastaldo*, M. Dessě**, F. Silvestrini Biavati*, M. Migliorati*
Manual orthodontic vs. oscillating-rotating electric toothbrush in orthodontic patients: a randomised clinical trial
- Publication date /1/2010
C.C. Martins, N.B. Feitosa, M.P. Vale, S.M. Paiva
Parents’ perceptions of oral health conditions depicted in photographs of anterior permanent teeth
- Publication date /1/2010
A. Spadaro**, A. Monaco*, R. Cattaneo**, C. Masci**, R. Gatto***
Effect on anterior temporalis surface emg of eyes open-closed condition
- Publication date /1/2010
M. Farman, H. Zaitoun
Auriculotemporal nerve syndrome in association with congenital haemangiopericytoma: a case report
- Publication date /1/2010
G. Litsas, A. Ari-Demirkaya*
Growth indicators in orthodontic patients. Part 1: Comparison of cervical vertebral maturation and hand-wrist skeletal maturation
- Publication date /1/2010
E.B. Tuna*, O. Aktoren*, Y. Oshida**, K. Gencay*
Elution of residual monomers from dental composite materials
- Publication date 29/2010
F. Sgolastra*, F. Fidanza*, D. Carosi**, A. Petrucci*, G. Calň*, R. Gatto*
An interdisciplinary approach to a survey on dental caries in a group of 3-year-olds in Ascoli Piceno (Italy)
- Publication date 29/2010
E. Bulut, A.U. Guler, E. Sen Tunc, N.T. Telcioglu
Oral rehabilitation with endosseous implants in a child with ectodermal dysplasia: a case report
- Publication date 29/2010
M.G. Guadagni, A. Faggella, G. Piana, G. D’Alessandro
Aicardi syndrome: a case report
- Publication date 29/2010
D. Ciavarella*, M. Mastrovincenzo**, A. Sabatucci**, V. Parziale***, C. Chimenti***
Effect of the Enveloppe Linguale Nocturne on atypical swallowing: surface electromyography and computerised postural test evaluation
- Publication date 29/2010
C. de Góis Nery*, F. Stefanato Buranello**, C. Pereira***, R. Cantisani Di Francesco****
Otitis media with effusion and dental occlusion: is there any relationship?
- Publication date 29/2010
S. M. Yaseen*, V.V. Subba Reddy**
Comparative evaluation of microleakage of two self-etching dentin bonding agents
- Publication date 29/2010
N. Bravo*, M. Facal***, M. Maroto*, E. Barbería**
Relationship between mesiodistal crown diameters of permanent first molars and deciduous second molars
- Publication date 29/2010

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