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B. Richard*, M.-P. Sarracanie**, M.C. Badet*, G. Dorignac**
Preliminary study of the dental status of HIV-infected children monitored in a French paediatric hospital
- Publication date /4/2001
J. Kühnisch*, R. Heinrich-Weltzien*, H. Senkel**, A.B. Sonju Clasen***, L. Stößer*
Dental health and caries topography in 8-year-old German and immigrant children
- Publication date /4/2001
K.B. Becktor, I. Kjær, C. Koch
Tooth eruption, epithelial root sheath and craniofacial profile in hyper-IgE syndrome: report of two cases
- Publication date /4/2001
W. Künzel
Changes in caries prevalence in Chemnitz (Germany), 1959-1999 related to access to fluoride and sugar consumption
- Publication date /4/2001
Y. Yamada, M. Hossain, Y. Nakamura, Y. MRAKAMI, K. Matsumoto
Er:YAG laser effect on removal of carious dentine in primary teeth: an in vitro study
- Publication date /4/2001
M. L. Odersjö*-**, G. Koch**
Developmental disturbances in permanent successors after intrusion injuries to maxillary primary incisors
- Publication date /4/2001
L. Fabiani*, G. Mosca**, D. Giannini**, M.C. Marci**, M. Larmas***
Prediction of dental caries experience with salivary variables
- Publication date /4/2001
N. A. Lygidakis*, N. Theologie-Lygidakis**, A. S. Dimopoulos***
Orthodontic-surgical treatment of unerupted permanent teeth using the fully repositioned flap technique. Part 1. Results, treatment time and post-treatment stability in 90 cases
- Publication date /3/2001
I. Marini*, F. Vecchiet*, P. Morselli**
Management of midline diastema using a new surgical technique
- Publication date /3/2001
H. Bodur*, Ö. Tulunoglu*, N. Akal*
Prevalence and distribution of caries in Turkish kindergarten children
- Publication date /3/2001
C. Splieth, M. Förster, G. Meyer
Additional caries protection by sealing permanent first molars compared to fluoride varnish applications in children with low caries prevalence: 2-year results
- Publication date /3/2001
J. Foley, D.J.P. Evans
Advanced tooth wear: restoration using a double-veneer technique
- Publication date /3/2001
J.N.Vanobbergen*-***, L.C. Martens*, D.L. Declerck**
Disparities in delivering paediatric dental care in Europe: comparisons between Belgium and other EU countries
- Publication date /3/2001
P. Weinstein*, C.A. Riedy*, T. Kaakko*, Y. Nakai*, P. Milgrom*, P. Domoto**, M. Koday***, B.G. Leroux*
Equivalence between massive versus standard fluoride varnish treatments in high caries children aged 3-5 years
- Publication date /2/2001
R. Balmer, E. Mahoney, A. Cameron
Kabuki syndrome: a case report and summary of previous oral findings
- Publication date /2/2001
M.K.M. Yamada, Y. Taguchi, J. Watanabe, T. Noda
Preeruptive intracoronal radiolucency caused by resorption: report of a case
- Publication date /2/2001
G. P. Pini Prato, T. Baccetti, L. Franchi, R. Giorgetti, A. Marinelli
Relationship between pulpal involvement of primary molars and eruption pattern of premolars
- Publication date /2/2001
T.J. Holland, J. Considine, P. Creedon
The effectiveness and cost of two fluoride program for children
- Publication date /2/2001
S. Alaluusua*, F. Frankenmolen**, A.K. Holm***, L. Marks****,
Undergraduate education in paediatric dentistry. A European perspective
- Publication date /2/2001
K.L. Weerheijm, E.A.M. Kidd
Detection of carious lesions; diagnosis of activity and relevance of preventive management
- Publication date /1/2001

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