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R. Di Lenarda, M. Cadenaro, C. Stacchi
The influence of dentist's behaviour on compliance and fear in paediatric dental patients
- Publication date /4/2000
N. A. Lygidakis, N. Katsaris. T. Morphis. C.I. Oulis
A two year clinical trial comparing two different F releasing fissure sealants
- Publication date /4/2000
W. Thitinanthapan, A.B. Tvet. I. Espelid
Occlusal caries-variations in diagnosis and treatment decisions among University teachers in Norway and Thailand
- Publication date /4/2000
F.A. Blinkhorn, I.C. Mackie
The value of radiographs in the assessment of previously traumatised anterior teeth
- Publication date /4/2000
A. Mentes, N. Gencoglu
An in vitro study of microleakage of sealants after mechanical or air abrasion techniques with or without acid-etching
- Publication date /4/2000
A. Szilagyl, M. Madlena, G. Nagy
The role of the paediatric dentist to initially diagnose and provide early treatment of Turner's syndrome: a case report
- Publication date /4/2000
M.F. Sfondrini, A.P. Verri, V. Cacciafesta, D. Sfondrini
Multiple autoextraction associated with rhombencephalosynapsis: a case report
- Publication date /3/2000
J. Vanobbergen, L. Martens, E. Lesaffre, D. Declerck
The Signal-Tandmobiel project a longitudinal intervention health promotion study in Flanders (Belgium): baseline and first year results
- Publication date /2/2000
C. van Loveren
Diet and dental caries: cariogenicity may depend more on oral hygiene using fluorides than on diet or type of carbohydrates
- Publication date /2/2000
K.L. Weerheijm, F.W.A. Frankenmolen, J.J.M. Bruers, G.M.J.M. van Rosum
Attitudes of Dutch dentists regarding the treatment of young children
- Publication date /2/2000
E.A. O'Sullivan
A new index for the measuremenmt of erosion in children
- Publication date /2/2000
R. Leonardi, L. Villari, C. Caltabiano, M. Caltabiano
Bone morphogenetic protein 6 expression in human orofacial development
- Publication date /2/2000
S. Christophorou, G.T.R. Lee, G.H. Humphris
The reliability and validity of the Modified Child Dental Anxiety Scale: a study of Greek Cypriot school children
- Publication date /2/2000
C. Oulis, M. Raadal, L. Martens
Guidelines on the use of fluoride in children: an EAPD policy document
- Publication date /1/2000
S. Ilyas, E.C. Sheehy, P. Longhurst
Coronal resorption in a primary tooth: report of a case
- Publication date /1/2000
I. Tollaro, T. Baccetti, E. Defraia
Dentoalveolar compensation to sagittal skeletal discrepancies in the primary dentition
- Publication date /1/2000
M. Raadal, E. Amarante, I. Espelid
Prevalence, severity and distribution of caries in a group of 5-year-old Norwegian children
- Publication date /1/2000

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