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Longitudinal study on a rehabilitative model for correction of atypical swallowing

Type:  Articles

Pubblication date:  /4/2008

Authors:  M.R. Giuca, M. Pasini, A. Pagano, S. Mummolo, A. Vanni

Language:  English

Institution:  Department of Surgery, Unit of Paediatric Dentistry, University of Pisa, Italy *University of L’Aquila, School of Dental Medicine

Publication:  European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry

Publisher:  Ariesdue Srl

Keywords:  Atypical swallowing; Myofunctional therapy; Tongue rehabilitation

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Title:  Longitudinal study on a rehabilitative model for correction of atypical swallowing

Abstract:  Aim The aim of the study is to analyse the prevalence of anomalous function of the orofacial muscles and their aetiological factors in a small sample of paediatric patients, to evaluate the correlation between anomalous functions of the orofacial muscles and malocclusions, and finally to verify the effects of a myofunctional protocol, composed of a series of exercises aimed at correcting the anomalous function and position of the tongue. Methods The protocol that has been used in this research is a re-elaboration of the diagnostic and therapeutic methods set by two authors, Daniel Garliner and Aurelio Levrini. A group of 57 children (aged 5 to 13, mean age 8.2) with atypical swallowing diagnosis, has been treated for almost 3 years. Results Physiologic swallowing was achieved in 47% of the children treated. Conclusion The results show the benefits of the myofunctional therapy in the treatment of children with abnormal swallowing.

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